All our ovens are custom designed to meet the needs of your specifications

Gas Radiant Ovens

Conveyorized Radiant/Convections Ovens for faster cure times and consumes less gas and floor space than straight convection ovens. New or Used available
Burn-Off Ovens

Designed for cleaning off hooks and racks of paint or powder coatings to ensure good ground contact for your parts. We can rebuild your old oven to like new condition

Convection Ovens

Electric or Gas Fired Convection Ovens custom built to your specifications, Dry-Off, Bake Ovens, floor mounted or elevated, New or Used Available
Radiant Burners

Burdett, X-Trad or Red-Ray Burners available. Add to existing convection ovens to cure powder or paint without extending your oven

Batch Ovens

Gas or Electric Batch Ovens, pre-packaged sizes or custom built to your specifications.
New or Used available

Electric Infra-Red Ovens

A wide variety of oven sizes for shrink wrapping, paint and powder curing, food processing or many other heat transfer applications

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