Liquid Equipment

Our products are custom designed to meet the needs of your production requirements


Large Spray Booths

Conveyorized Spray Booths, Water Wash, Dry Filter, Down Draft or SideDraft Style for automatic guns or manual spraying. Pre-packaged sizes or custom designed. New or Used available
Spray Guns

Manual  Guns to Automatic Guns, Rotary Atomizers . Conventional, HVLP, Elctrostatic, High Pressure, 2K, 3K & 4K. New or Used available

Manual Spray Booths

Pre-packaged sizes or custom designed. New or Used Available
Air Make-Up Units

We offer Pre-package units, roof mounted or inside mounted to provide make-up air for spray booths, oven & washer exhausts. New or Used Available

Paint Mix Rooms

Pre-Packaged sizes from 8'-15' long to Custom designed sized rooms


Filters, Roll Media & Bag Filters.

Q-Lock Tracking Systems to lock filters in place.

Spray Booth Fans, Ductwork, Panels

Solvent Reclaimers

Pumps, Diaphragm, Piston, Hi & Lo Pressure

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